Welcome to the 2021 NWGA Play Days League

All of the NWGA regular weekly Play Days have been added to what we call the NWGA Play Days League.  The page you are seeing now is the main page for the League Web Portal.  (A portal is similar to a web page on a website but techinically a little different. Portal is a word you may see in Golf Genius so just think of it as a web page.)   There is a Play Days Schedule under the Welcome page with More Info that includes all the details about the Play Day. 


Most of the Play Days are tee times with a few shotgun starts.  Once signup is open for these Play Days you can go to the Tee Time Signup page and enter yourself into an open slot.  You can also  add one other member to the tee sheet as well. Click on Done when you are finished.  You will receive a confirmation of your tee time and if you signup another member, she will receive a confirmation of her tee time as well.  You do not have to be in the same foursome.  You can come back to the tee sheet and Cancel or Change tee times you have made. You will also receive a confirmation email for those transactions as well.  For Shotgun Start Play Days all you will need to do is tell us you are or are not playing in an email invitation that will be sent to you.


The NWGA Tournaments and Opening and Closing Days have been categorized as events since we have a registration for those that includes online payments and sometimes multiple rounds and activities.  Each on of these also has its own Event Web Portal page.  The tournaments and special events are in a separate Schedule of Tournaments and Special Events which you can view on this page.  There is a link from each event on this directory to the Event Portal Page.


As sign-ups are closed, the tee sheet for the Play Day will be posted under Pairings.  And as Play Days are completed and scored, you can find the results on the Results page.


All scores for Play Days and Events will be entered using the Golf Genius mobile app.  This will make determining results much qucker and more accurate.  You will ONLY need to enter your Gross Score on each hole and Golf Genius will calculate your Game Score for the contests of the day!  Be sure to download the Golf Genius App onto your mobile phone when you come to play.  You or someone in your foursome will need to enter scores into the app for that days' play.


On the Players/Players page you can see all the members of the league and some info about them.  You can also select a member or members and Golf Genius will send an email to them from you.  You can also print the Player Roster.  Also on the Players page you can update your own profile and add a photo.


On the Photos page, you can upload photos from a Play Day.


You can also see the pages on the League Portal from the Golf Genius app by entering your signin emai and password on the app.


NEED HELP OR HAVE QUESTION OR COMMENT?  Click the orange HELP button on the right hand side of any page.


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